Oh No!

So I am sad to report that one of my favorite YouTube beauty bloggers/reviewers has contracted COVID from her vaccinated husband. She did not get the vaccine for her own personal reasons, and now she is struggling to breathe, possibly live. You know how you spend a lot of time with your favorite personality, and after awhile you really feel like you know him/her? This is very common when someone binge watches their favorite show, or in my case, watched a ton of videos from one particular artist. This actually happens with a lot of my own readers who have been reading the blogs for years. Every now and then a fan/reader will approach me and tell me they know who I am and they read my blogs. I had one person once say she knew me because I write how she thinks. Some people even think like I think because they change or modify their own behaviors and ways of thinking.


So rather than being negative, find a positive opportunity. As much I as I try to find something good from my YouTuber getting the virus, I just haven’t been able to come up with anything and it is just sad. SHE was careful. SHE didn’t go out in public, and yet, she had it personally delivered to her front door. So the only thing I can say is please be diligent in washing your hands, use those cleaning wipes everywhere and try not to go out in public. I don’t know about you, but I would be devastated if any of my little pups or kitty accidentally caught COVID and died.

Open those doors with your butt and stop touching door handles and stop touching your face. Especially if you aren’t wearing a mask. If you have the shot you are not immune to it, you are only “safer” that you won’t die from it. There are people who have the shot and are still getting the virus. Like that dipshit politician who I can’t care enough to repeat his name.

The new, Suicide Squad came out Friday. I’ll just say that it is NOT safe for kids and it is kind of bloody gruesome for a DC movie. Harley Quinn of course stars in it, alongside some military guy from the last movie. I can’t remember his name, but he played Officer Murphy in the Robocop reboot. So if you are headed to the theater you are really only there for the loud subs, big screen and popcorn. Don’t get too invested in this sad, but action packed killer. Jungle Cruise is actually a little more believable and quite a bit more entertaining.