Life 360

It’s time for a shout out! There is this really cool app called Life 360. If you have any family members, like kids, spouses, siblings, whatever and you want to keep tabs on him/her, then you install the Life360 app for all your peeps. Yes, it is like big brother watching you, where you are, and even giving you notifications when someone arrives, but it also gives you a peace of mind knowing where that person is. Yes, the iPhone already has “Where is my iPhone”, but this works on any smartphone. What this app also has is “crash detection”, and roadside assistance with the gold membership. So if you are paying for roadside through AAA or your cell phone, you should cancel those and use this app instead.


While experiencing a blow out today, I called American Express platinum to find out they eliminated that nice handy benefit. No roadside. WTF right? They give you free everything, except towing your car. They told me I could use my Uber benefit. I asked if Uber all of the sudden towed cars. No, I can’t use that when my car is stranded on the side of the road during rush hour traffic. So luckily I remembered Life 360 has roadside and they sent a tow truck right away. They told me due to to COVID that I could not ride with the driver and I should call an Uber. Again I laughed, and rolled my eyes. When the driver showed up, he gladly gave me a ride with my car. Life360 will also unlock your car if you accidentally lock those keys … again.


And in case you missed it, SENATOR Hickenlooper from Colorado has contracted COVID19. Yep. Alabama and Mississippi are out of ICU beds. And I will say it since the media isn’t. That motorcycle rally up in Sturgis 2 weeks ago is what is causing all this havoc. Not a single person masked up and then they traveled across the nation spreading disease. There is no congressional concern that kids are killed in school shootings, so why would there be a concern for a mask mandate? Exactly. It won’t be until someone important dies that people will actually do what is right.

And I lied. I actually love glitter. The more the better. Who doesn’t like a little sparkle in their life?