Tesla Tiny Town

Inside Elon Musk's modest $50k tiny house | loveproperty.comIntroducing Tesla’s Tiny foldable house that is a mere 20 x 20, or 200 square feet. So, if you didn’t know, Tesla genius Elon Musk is going to take over the affordable housing market, via this little creation that goes for just $50,000 USD. While some people may think of getting one as their primary residence, there are others who would gladly buy one as a vacation home. Find a cheap piece of property in the middle of somewhere gorgeous and plant one or two down and call it paradise. Add a Trex deck, firepit and hot tub and some old fashion electric hanging lights and you have yourself an amazing retreat.

Elon Musk Lives in $50,000 Boxabl Tiny Home With 47,000-Person Wait List: Report

At $100k for a double stacker or side by side, you and your friends can be family. As you know I have talked about real estate and how it benefits your portfolio and your bank account. There are 100k people on the waiting list to get one of these, but give it time, and when the pandemic is really finally over, we will start to see a shift in the housing market. Remember there literally are millions of people who are overpaying for their monthly rent, and one of these is basically a car payment. A Telsa car costs more than one of these, and a Tesla car can actually pull one. CRAY! Elon Musk is a genius and I truly believe he will help change the world for a better place. I personally love his ideas and since I am now a Tesla shareholder, I hope they do great things. I only have 1 share of stock and it isn’t doing so great right now. If it goes below $500 a share I am going to buy a whole bunch more. It is currently $659.43 for one share. A couple of weeks ago it was almost a grand for one share. If you are like me, then you probably aren’t selling your stock as you plan on cashing in one day, some day, but not today.


And it is officially Thursday which means the new episode of Startrek is on Paramount+! Yes I watched it and of course I loved it. I’ll watch it again later it was so good. Sonic Hedgehog 2 is also officially released on the app. I wanted to see it in the theater, but so glad I just waited. And if you didn’t see “The Batman” either in theater or HBOMax, you can pick it up at the Redbox like I did.

So sad yesterday with the school shooting. Children should never die or fear going to school due to bullets. Will the government ever do anything to protect schools? No. Why? Because Congress and Senate are mostly full of grandparents. When nursing homes and country clubs get shot up then maybe something “might” happen but I doubt it. So I guess let’s hear it for home-school remote learning where there are no unauthorized guns.

Russia loses again as Starbucks joins McDonalds and ends all relationships in the power hungry country. Two of the biggest players in Russia make their exit, now we just need Coke and Pepsi to do the same.

The latest death report from the New York Times:

Cases 110,614 +31% 83,644,909
Tests 984,857 +39%
Hospitalized 25,429 +28%
In I.C.U.s 2,713 +24%
Deaths 371 +13% 1,002,179


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