The Texas Reality Show

How y’all doing? Evidently losing power and freezing to death wasn’t enough for the big state of T. I guess it is only a matter of time before all out rooting tooting fighting was going to break out. So rather than keeping the residents prisoner, it is more of a go it at your own risk policy. I’m not for or against what they are doing in Texas. I did travel to Vegas and I didn’t catch COVID. Would I travel to Texas and not wear a mask? That would be a big negative ghost rider. Texas has been big for spring break, especially the South Padre Islands.




President Biden says that everyone should be able to have the vaccine by the end of May. The only problem is there are millions of people who don’t want the vaccine. Yes, there are millions of people who do not give mumps, measles or chicken pox shots to their kids. Many times, people think they know better or best and ignore the warnings. People die every day from dumb, stupid decision making skills. 3 months is not a long time. Just hang out for 3 more months. Finish your autobiography. Write that family cookbook of secret recipes. Organize your closet — by season and color. Time goes by really fast when you are busy, distracted and productive. I have this one day goal of cleaning out and organizing my garage. And then there are other days that I just want to relax and take a nap.



I was asked if i was going to take the vaccine when I am eligible. Of course I am. Hook me up with a flu shot while they are at it.  Better safe than sorry. In Colorado if you have 2 or more conditions, you are now eligible. So, obese and diabetic, … you’re in. I know of a couple of people that fall into that category. Obese is considered BMI of 30+. If you work in a grocery store, you are also now eligible.