United States of Welfare

Wouldn’t you like to know what the government’s bank account looks like? I mean seriously, every time you get paid, they get paid. Every time someone wins the lottery they get paid. Every time someone DIES from COVID, they keep all those years of paying into social security. Sure they are trillions of dollars in debt, but to what extent? They always seem to have plenty of money, yet no one seems too concerned that they are spending now that will have detrimental effects on the future generations to come.


To make things even GREATER for our wonderful nation, there are over TEN million immigrants marching towards to the United States of Welfare. I say that because they are all going to be accepted and welcomed. I know, right? What. The. Heck. It isn’t like there aren’t 60+ million people suffering or unemployed now, but now our system is going to be under more pressure. What do you want to bet that many of them are probably infected with the virus. Hello!? We can’t travel to foreign countries but we are going to let all these strangers into ours? Shouldn’t the American citizens get vaccines and safety first? Half a million are dead. Now they are adding over 10 million. Where are they going to live? Who is going to give them healthcare? Food? I think there is already a huge homeless problem.



Now if we were to play devil’s advocate, we could point out that Biden is secretly stacking the deck for the next election. What? What do you mean? Well, think about it, he is adding ten million+ new voters to the path of citizenship, and who wouldn’t vote for the guy that gave them freedom, a life, a future for their children? Biden won by 8 million popular votes. Surely he will win by even more when this baloney under the rug backdoor immigration policy goes through. The country had/has an immigration VISA policy now. Why does one man think he has the power or better decision making to change the entire economic policy? Well Trump did it, so why can’t he? Trump banned multiple countries from even entering, and ICE enforcement was at an all time high.


Whether you like it or not, it is happening. We still do not know the overall impact of the virus and even when it will be safe to venture out again. But I do know that there will always be open positions for low level entry jobs that many Americans feel is beneath them. Even the kids today don’t want to work in fast food or retail. So who is going to pick the beans? Clean the hotel rooms? Wash the dishes? Clean your homes? Yep, these immigrants will do it, and they will even smile and be nice to you. Sometimes people don’t have a choice. But you do. You have the choice to be nice. You have the choice to not be judgmental and condemning. Everyone has challenges and are having a hard time with something. Be that better person and give someone a break.


And in case if you missed it, the CW has launched a new television series, “Superman & Lois”. You can catch it on the app if you missed it. This is a different take on the same story, as this time, Clark has 2 young teenage boys. Kyle from Teen Wolf and Elizabeth from Grimm star in this rebooted comic book hero. I caught the pilot and I was not disappointed. And on the big screen, Milla Jobavich stars in Monster Killer, now showing in theaters, and also at home digital rental. I loved her in The Fifth Element and she was awesome in the Resident Evil series. I checked it out and I actually really enjoyed it. Just remember “Suspension of the disbelief.” It means, the story line is actually somewhat believable and you can enjoy it for that reason alone.