Are you smarter than a … PhD?

Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader: Freshmen vs Sophomores – The Morgan  PawPrintSo if you didn’t watch television, then you wouldn’t know there is/was a show called “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?” Yeah, my title today is a take off of that and I want to point out that many people (like millions) think they are smarter than a fucking doctor. Yeah, WTF is that? I have a friend who dropped out of high school and because a “nurse” with a community college degree said she didn’t think the vaccination was real because it was created too soon — decided that HER half baked opinion was better than the CDC. Hmm. Yeah, he still doesn’t have his shot.


Am I ridiculing and MASK shaming him? Fuck yeah I am. Am I shaming him for not finishing school? No. Shaming him because there are clearly smarter, more educated people (like me) who make much better life, health, career and financial decisions. I pointed out that I can understand that having no good role models can warp your decision making abilities, but I’m right here in front of you telling you to go get the shot. Get the shot. Save a life. Your own.


My own brother refused to get the shot and then I said, “Well, you can’t come visit unless you have documented proof you are vaccinated.” Boom. 1st shot next day. Don’t make me have to manipulate you to get the shot. Wait, what? Just by reading this blog your perception has already changed, and you are laughing because you already got the shot. Sweet. Then this wasn’t meant for you. It was meant for you to share it with one of your own network “friends”.



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