I’m Hungry

What if … we only ate “IF” we were actually hungry? Not, hey it’s lunchtime, let’s go destroy a 1000 calories and top it off with some sugary ice cream that will spike our blood sugar. Has it ever dawned on you that maybe you don’t need to eat all those fatty sugary high carb foods? As a kid you ate because you were told to eat. Guess what? Kids today are getting fatter and fatter and their parents actually encourage it. We can’t totally blame the parents, as those kids have choices and they choose to overeat. 666. That’s how many calories you should eat at 3 meals a day, for each meal. THAT is 2000 calories. Wow, when you put it that way, that 1200 calorie Starbucks double whatever extra shot extra caramel wasn’t really worth it now that you only get one more meal for the day. Or just do whatever the F you want because you didn’t get the shot, you don’t believe you are going to die, because you are INVINCIBLE! There is no such thing as a virus. WRONG. You are reading this and finally getting it that you aren’t as healthy as you once thought you were. You don’t need that hot milked hormone laced Starbucks. If you didn’t know, ALL Starbucks fancy drinks are made with milk. That’s right. Not water. Years ago when I found out I stopped drinking those mochas. Hot milk makes me literally sick. You really have to tell almost every restaurant that serves you that you are vegan so you don’t get unwanted “stuff”.
Cheese, milk, anything from a cow has hormones in it. You don’t NEED extra hormones in your system. There is this thing called the endocrine system that will be screwed up. So, if you didn’t know, a cow produces milk when she has a baby cow. We know that right. Well, when they steal the baby cow from the momma cow, she is emotionally traumatized. Her milk, intended for her baby, is now given to YOU, along with her sad tears and emotions that were created when she produced that milk. I know that sounds crazy, but have you ever thought that maybe your shitty emotions you are feeling aren’t really your fault. You ingested sad, hurtful emotions and it is affecting you accordingly. But since you don’t know that, you get pills from a doctor to combat it, but in turn it just makes things worse. Just try not eating dairy/beef for awhile and you will see a significant difference in your health and emotional well being. Chew on that. What you eat and drink affect how you feel. Wow. Go eat a happy strawberry, or a golden delicious apple. The natural sugar will make your heart smile.