Body Dysmorphia

It’s just a fancy way of saying “I hate my body” or “I have low self esteem”. Every beautiful person on Instagram has something about themselves that they hate. If you have EVER Photoshopped a photograph or used a smartphone app to enhance your looks, … then you too are part of this group of people. I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to be perfect. But you really shouldn’t use Instagram models as your role model. We all know that most of them are all fake AF and they are using an app to look better. Some of them, like Kylie and Khloe have actually gotten called out on it. Khloe actually admitted to using filters on all her photos and once a photo got posted without a filter and she freaked out. Yep, she is not perfect either. Most beauty queens have done some form of looksmaxing, … fake eyelashes, hair extensions, hair coloring, silicon boobs, and of course concealer and foundation.



I think it about time that guys start taking an concerted effort to do the same. Get that hair transplant or toupee. You don’t need to be bald and shamed. Girls will actually like you more. All of your new friends will never know you lost your hair. Believe it or not, there are a lot of married and sadly single guys who are not so great to look at, and I am just being honest. How difficult it is go to have your eyebrows threaded so you don’t have a unibrow? There are all kinds of make-up tools to help your brows and face look better. How hard it is to have some sunscreen incorporated into your face moisturizer? If you actually ate ONLY when you were hungry then maybe you would lose a few extra pounds. Face it, everyone could stand to lose some weight. All you have to do is look at a person’s neck and you can easily see there is some room for improvement. Double chins (fatty necks) only look good on turkeys.


Check out this Facebook page on hair. (

There are a lot of good articles and solutions for hair help/systems/alternatives. Some of the videos are just entertaining. At least you have some scientific help on your side.

And it is the Hunter full moon. Make a wish. May your days and nights be filled with light and love.