The Power of Make-Up

I don’t know about you, but I have always been fascinated by how make-up can make someone look totally different. At first you might be thinking of some magical transformations of making an ordinary person look like a hot Kardashian. I was thinking more like movie star, Avatar face painting make-up. Halloween is coming up and naturally changing who you are with a little face paint might have crossed your mind. In Denver they have had the Zombie Crawl/fest, but due to COVID it hasn’t happened, and I don’t think it is going to happen this year either. I have done some pretty cool transformations into the “undead”.


Years and years ago I went to an Ulta and discovered the magic of concealer. One of the cute girls helped me pick a color that matched my skin and instantly that nasty red spot was gone. Wow. I was hooked and I have never looked back. With so many people in front of a camera or smartphone doing virtual conversations, there really are more people that should look into “looksmaxing” with some make-up. A little bit of concealer and foundation will take away those dark spots and some setting powder will get rid of that nasty shine from your LED ring light. You can always tell when someone gets old who never took care of their skin by those age spots. Their hands look like the old Rose from Titanic. You would think some of those politicians who are in front of the camera would take a little effort to improve their looks. They are the elected officials and they should look good. Who are we kidding? They will never look good.



There are already dozens of videos on YouTube recommending foundations and concealers. You can go try some yourself but they aren’t cheap. Usually around $20-$30 but a little tube. If you are wondering which one I am using, it is called IL MAKIAGE. I use their foundation. The company sends you a full bottle of foundation for free, and if you don’t return it they charge your credit card. You take an online test to determine your 1 of 50 colors. When I ordered it I also opted for the matching concealer so I wouldn’t have to pay for shipping later if I decided I liked it. I liked them both and when I know I am going to do a photo or go out I just touch up some areas. Voila. Real life filter/Photoshop. Sometimes you get dark spots just from being in the sun. So be sure you are using some sort of SPF protection. Btw, I love this brand because it doesn’t feel like I have anything on my face and it smooths out the texture for an even tone. It is Aaron Approved!

The new “Halloween Kills” movie released in theaters and free to stream for Peacock app users. Yep, I have the app so I’ll be watching something scary this weekend. Game of Thrones is so confusing I had to watch YouTube videos just to decipher who is what family. I heard they are doing a prequel that takes place hundreds of year prior. I’m down.

DISCLAIMER: I was not paid for this review or product recommendation.