Staffing Solutions

Everyone is having staffing issues. Lack of staff, no one applying for open positions, and the COVID workers refusing to go back to the office, opting for new lifestyles that allow them to work from home or remotely. One semi-positive note is that there are literally thousands of graduates that are entering the job market as high schools and colleges award those valuable degrees. Some will join the military, some will go to trade schools. Others will get married and start making babies, … hopefully. Although that does not solve the issue of entry-level, low-end jobs that don’t pay a lot of money. Frankly, who wants a low paying job? No one. Except maybe someone who would LOVE to have a job, any job … in America. There are still thousands if not millions of immigrants who want to come to the great USA.


So, Biden, Congress, if you’re listening, you need to open the borders, lessen the reigns on the number allowed into the United States, and help solve many of these staffing shortages/issues. The bigger issue that is dominant everywhere, in every country is affordable housing. You can’t just let a few million people move  here when they will have nowhere to live. As is stands now, there is a shortage of housing and people can’t afford their rent as it is. So what do most people do? They have roommates, they live with their parents … in their basement forever.


And here are the latest COVID number from the NT Times:
Cases 103,231 +57% 82,874,061
Tests 801,177 +31%
Hospitalized 23,223 +29%
In I.C.U.s 2,497 +23%
Deaths 304 –17% 999,607

So I guess in the next day or week, the United States will hit a million deaths. Thankfully everyone has their shots and boosters, … right?



Help Wanted

For the past few years, the economy has been experiencing staffing issues. And in case you forgot, over TEN THOUSAND baby boomers are retiring every day, … and have been for quite some time. Throw in the COVID work at home variable and now you have even more people that don’t want to go back to a “normal” job. And while millions of people stopped driving to work, they also stopped buying gas and changing their oil. Trickle effect. Did you know there were gas stations that closed and went out of business due to no customers? For some people gas prices can dramatically affect their weekly cash flow. Most people only have a ten gallon tank, so a buck or so more shouldn’t destroy everyone. No one is crying because the cost of meat as doubled. The reality is most people have a lot of extra money because they aren’t doing other things that they might spend money on; like fancy dinners and date night. Concerts and festivals are out and have been, but things are opening back up again. Although I still am not going to Coachella. There are still millions of people who aren’t vaccinated.

And here are the latest from the NY Times:

Cases 28,693 –1% 80,128,432
Tests 870,272 +13%
Hospitalized 15,383 –27%
In I.C.U.s 2,308 –35%
Deaths 602 –40% 981,112

Technically if you have been hiding out for 2 years, and most of society got the shot, in theory, you could be safe without the shot. You still need to wear a mask and wash your hands like cray, but it could potentially happen. Due to staffing issues, many savvy travelers are taking advantage of the Air B & B market. There are a lot of really expensive homes that are dedicated just to being rented by the night. VRBO is another resource that takes advantage of people who bought into the whole “timeshare” scam. Gosh, that one week a year sounded great until you can’t change the dates. I have sat through timeshare presentations and it sounds all neat, but the reality is you want to travel to different places, see new things. Even the hotel or resort they are selling will lose its wow factor after a couple of visits. As a smart consumer, you can just rent those rooms/homes for the weekend or whenever. You still won’t come close to spending the money you put into a timeshare.


Think about it, you really only have so many years of fun travel … before you get old, can’t walk, need help or extra time. Those good years are usually the years you don’t have the time or money. Just don’t get sucked into thinking a timeshare is a good idea. Take those fun vacations, save up for it. It doesn’t have to be super expensive. Don’t stay in a villa. Rent an air b&b that is AS nice or nicer than a villa. Home owners you stay with are happy to give you a fresh towel. Hotels have extended wait times for everything. I told you a long time ago that harsh immigration practices would eventually affect you and your vacations. The Motley Fool recommends buying some air b&b stock. That is a market that is continuing to explode as smart investors are buying homes just to rent. Real estate in any form of investing is a good if not great idea.



I Work Hard For the Money!

Have you ever noticed that society is fickle AF? It encourages small creative individuals to go big or go home. But when they make it big, they want to knock them down. Just because someone has figured out how to earn money does not mean they are obligated to give it away. Kim (Kardashian) has worked hard her whole life to be successful. She sort of worked retail once. Not like me slaving away at Walmart and Bob’s Super Store, but kind of close. My VERY first job was cleaning cars at the local car dealership. I think I was paid $10 a day, but that was bank to me. While I didn’t know it at the time, it taught me to detail my own car for years to come. Every nook and crack cleaned with a Q-tip. That was before my days of throwing newspapers on people’s front porch.



Yep, I was a newspaper carrier for years and years. I learned the value of customer service, earning tips, counting back change, and of course, a healthy dose of exercise every single day. I grew strong from carrying heavy heavy bags of paper, and then throwing those perfect cylindrical weapons of destruction. I also learned the very useful skill of prospecting and sales. When a new person would move into a renter house, I would deliver the newspaper for a week with a note saying it was complimentary from me. After a week, I would go knock on the door, introduce myself and sell them a subscription that they needed to pay for now. It was like, a whole $5. Worked every time. As a carrier I got one free subscription for myself … which I gave to them for a week. After getting used to reading it, people just wanted it. Today they call it a free trial subscription, one month free. Technically I was an employee, but I never paid any taxes to the IRS for my newspaper money. When customers would write a check to the Kearney Daily Hub, I would just signed their business name, and then my name and deposit into my personal checking account. Never once did they ask for an employee verification to prove I could deposit it. I guess after I got onto my bicycle and pedaled away they knew I was for probably the paperboy. “Oh no! That kid stole a $5 check!” Yeah, not likely some kid broke into a house and wrote a check to himself for $5. That would be just stupid. Gotta say, of all the jobs I have ever done, that was one of the worst. Think about all that shitty snow in the winter. Yeah, you can’t ride a bike very easily. And the summers. My God the summers were blistering hot. The worst ever.



The torture didn’t stop there. In Nebraska they do this thing called “detasseling”. WTF is that right? Well,there are millions of ears of corn that grow little seed-like tassels that need to be pulled out in order to grow big. Well, children are exploited for slave labor and they do it. It is hard, hot sweaty dirty work. And I did it. One summer was all it took and I was grateful forever for my shitty job at Taco Johns.


All of these horrible experiences taught me that being educated, smart and making wise financial decisions would prevent me ever having to do those jobs again. So if I could offer you one piece of advice that would/could change it forever, it would be … invest in real estate. And there is no reason why you couldn’t do that now. Just saying. Good in sales? Take the test and be a real estate agent. Have some equity/capital/savings? Invest in a rental property. If you are military or veteran, take advantage of the LOAN. Zero down. Buy low, hold it, sell high. When it appreciates on its own, take out another equity loan to buy another house. Rent it out, and when it appreciates, take out another loan for the down payment and buy another home. Rent it. It does not have to be in the same town the you live. $28 a day, is $10k a year. In 2 year, $20k, which is enough to find a starter home to rent. Home sales historically are the only for sure investment that will guarantee you an increase in value over a long term period. If you don’t have your own equity, do you know someone who loves and trusts you with theirs? Do your parents have thousands in their paid off home that they would loan you some of that in a home equity loan you promise to pay every single month on time? Do not buy at the peak of the market, only buy when a property is at its low point. Find a deal, something that might need a cosmetic face lift.


Real Estate, ownership of it, will be a safe retirement plan. In 30 years from now, what would a brand new home be worth? New homes are still being built, who says you have to live in it to buy it? No one. Well, in Denver they have some weird rental home ownership laws. Don’t buy in Denver. It is overpriced and at the peak. Wait a few years when there are way too many properties for sale. There are new homes being built by the airport, in a community called Reunion. I think they start at $400’s. In 30 years it would be worth close to a million. Naturally you will need to have excellent credit to pull this off, but if you can and do, then when you retire you will have dozens of homes you can sell. What would a 4-5 bedroom new home rent for these days? I am guessing around $4k–$5k a month. A $400k mortgage is only $1700 a month, but you are collecting twice that in rent. Hmmm. That seems like a no brainer to me. Just saying. Say you got a full $5k a month for rent. Or $60k is about $40k in profit. JUST for having that $80k for your 20% down. You either pay it down fast, or you live off of $40k a year just for being the landlord.  Now imagine you own 5 properties, each making $40k. That is almost $200k a year, … for doing nothing but be rich. Heck yeah, I think I like the sound of that. Don’t you?



“Being rich is all about mindset. Did you invest that stimulus check in AMC or MGM or did you spend it? Mindset.”
–Aaron M. Stephens, M.B.A.



Media News Sources Blocked

Instagram joins the latest media news outlets that is being blocked by Russia. Damn. Yep, they can only hear/see what Russia wants them to see. Did you know that they are telling Russians that the Ukraine is full of NAZI’s and they are taking back what is theirs. They also bombed a maternity ward hospital. Fucking bastards. I am pretty sure that my site isn’t banned, and in fact, I have more and more international readers than I do readers from the United States. Crazy huh? And if you haven’t been watching the news or can’t … McDonalds, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and even Paypal have shut down operations or will be shortly. Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, … yeah, all are now history for Russians.
While the people have nothing to do with the war, it is the citizens who are being punished. When Trump bombs with a drone, we the people in the U.S. didn’t get punished … other than having to hear/see his obnoxious voice/face. I think I saw over 2 million refugees have fled, although if you aren’t white you aren’t going to be admitted. Even in the U.S., white Ukrainians were refused asylum. So, don’t try to enter the U.S. from Mexico, where they are still racists. Last I checked there was still a war in Afghanistan, but I don’t see anything in the news about that 20+ year war. Why? Brown skinned people.


And here is the latest coronavirus number for the U.S.
Cases 35,036 –49% 79,400,847
Tests 973,360 –12%
Hospitalized 31,323 –43%
In I.C.U.s 5,725 –46%
Deaths 1,272 –33% 965,746
It appears that “most” of the U.S. has done away with masks as most people have gotten the shot and booster. In Colorado we are at a 90% vaccination rate.

Okay … many of you are wondering if I watched the new Batman. And yes, as a matter of fact, I watched it twice and then had to watch the YouTube spoiler review since evidently I missed a ton of shit since I don’t read the comic book or keep up with any of the “Easter eggs” they put in the show. It is NOT a superhero movie. Go in thinking … this is the DARK Knight who is going kick the shit out of a lot of people. There are a lot of long, boring scenes. This is NOT your DC Avengers movie. This is also not Oscar worthy. He wears a costume most of the movie. It is him or a stunt guy? Right. Would I recommend you spend the extra cash to see it? No. It will come to HBOmax. It will come to blu-ray/dvd one day. Instead you should watch the Amazon Jack Reacher. It has a real plot, with real people characters, not a comic book rebooted, reboot. Technically Batman should be dead. He’s just a man, not an immortal.




Real Life G.O.T. (Game of Thrones)

Can you imagine how the Game of Thrones would have resulted if The King of the North (Jon Snow) told The Dragon Queen that he was going to “sanction” her if she attacked? Yeah that bullshit wouldn’t have done shit. So why does the world thing that doing sanctions is going to do anything to Russia? So if you are under a rock and didn’t know, Russia invaded Ukraine. Millions of innocent lives dramatically changed forever. Thoughts and prayers don’t seem to do enough. Colorado will be home to over 11 thousand refugees.

The new Batman reboot comes out this week. I’m torn whether or not I want to see it. I’ll give you my two cents if I do. The 355 is a cool action adventure with female leads. I liked it. And did you see “Inventing Anna” on Netflix? I kind of liked it. I didn’t like Anna. Let’s be honest, she was a bitch who took advantage of whomever she could. She has no remorse, even after sitting in jail. And also, her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. My favorite CBS tv crime show is coming back, Criminal Minds. I’m currently binge watching from the beginning, and it is still the scariest shit I’ve seen. Real life serial killers.



If you remove the “C” from Facebook and put something else, … what do you have? I like the “K” as Fakebook certainly sound about right. But what about … say, FaVebook? Fatebook. Farebook. Famebook. If you didn’t know, Facebook is not just a friends update website/company. They steal your data, your personal messages, your likes, your dislikes, your groups, your interests and they sell it. To whom? IDK, maybe China? Maybe Russia. General Mills? Monsanto/Bayer?
Money talks and bullshit walks. You know what also talks? People who delete their fake Facebook accounts. You aren’t supposed to have 2 accounts anyway, so send a message to Facebook. If Facebook lost millions of users for no apparent reason, it would cause a ruckus. Facebook has a lot of power as it can easily influence your decision making abilities. You see a meme or a video that has been altered and all of the sudden you are motivated … maybe in a bad way. Facebook has influenced wars in other countries, aided in underground drugs and sex trafficking. I know that years ago there was a secret Facebook group where you could easily buy/sell drugs. True story.


Do it. Delete that fake account and tell all your friends to do the same. Delete it from your smartphone and tablet and only access it from a computer for a specific amount of time with a specific reason for being on Fakebook. You aren’t bored. You are brainwashed. Pick up an actual book and read it. Turn those pages. Create a fun reading sanctuary that is your new zen reading spot. Unplug and meditate.

I watched a YouTube documentary on Princess Diana, which I thought was going to be more what Spencer was about. Diana didn’t whisper, she talked softly. You can watch it here. Or copy and paste–qzQBGug


Facebook Poison

Facebook, just like video games, should be limited to a certain amount of time per day. China has implemented this new policy. Wait, China doesn’t even allow Facebook. WHAT? Yep, you heard me right. Personally I am only on Facebook in the middle of the night, when no one is online, and only for a very short amount of time. I actually have been spending less time on Facebook, less posting, and less reading. I can get my news from The New York Times, YouTube news, CNN, and many other news commentary. I can type in a news website directly and NOT have to find out about something via a Facebook newsfeed.


So evidently, Facebook went dark for five hours the other day and everyone freaked the fuck out. Oh no, I can’t cyberstalk anymore. I have to actually get back to work. Well, SOME people claimed they NEED Facebook just to work. No. They don’t.  So here is something to chew on for a minute, … what if, Facebook disappears one day, just like Friendster and MySpace? Do you have the phone numbers or email addresses of your family and friends? Well, some of them you probably do, but others you don’t, and the more you think about it, you probably are better off without them. Now that Facebook is back online, you might want to think about registering some of those other websites with an actual email address and password, rather than your Facebook login avatar. Those little plugins sure are convenient, … as long as Facebook is online. Billion dollar company and they lose millions in advertisement revenue. Have you noticed the plethora of sponsored ads you are seeing now? After about fifteen minutes of sponsored ads I just had to close the app. Criteria? Male 18-65 living in the US. So basically they are spamming everyone. So, when you see those ads, make sure you hide the ad and hide the advertiser forever.


I have personally discovered Facebook spying on me. Yep it is true. I started watching Game of Thrones and I have not once looked up anything online on my computer or phone and guess what just showed up in my newsfeed. Yep, you got it. Game of Thrones shit. WTF. So, tell me, how on earth could Facebook know I am watching Game of Thrones, which I purchased … not watching through a smart tv or HBO Max? The app is using the microphone to spy on my activities while I am not using the app. WTF. So, guess what, the phone is no longer in the same room with me and if it rings my apple watch will notify me. But that doesn’t solve the REAL issue. My privacy. Did I give Facebook permission to use the microphone to listen and analyze what I am doing? No. Another solution would be to just delete the app from my phone all together and only access Facebook from a computer with a VPN active. You hear that Facebook? Well, thousands and thousands of my readers heard me and right now they are thinking the exact same thing. I don’t need you Facebook. But you need us. Their outage the other day is going to cost them more than just ad revenue. People are going to wake up and get tired of being bombarded by stupid fucking ads and just stop using the app all together. And let’s be honest, you really don’t need to tell the entire fucking world every event play by play in your life. You really are not that interesting. There is a thing called group text you can use that will update the people who actually want to hear from you. You might notice I am not posting as much on Facebook, for a variety of reasons. I’m really not that interesting either … entertaining maybe. Sometimes life can be perfectly okay without having to share it with anyone on a smartphone or computer. Are you taking those photos of your vacation for you or for your followers? Because most of your followers secretly hate you when you brag about how great your semi-ordinary life is. I see all the bad photoshop apps that are producing shitty results and I just laugh. When your nose disappears and you have no pores it is the first sign of a bad photoshop job. Just be you. You can’t fool anyone in real life. Those extra pounds and that turkey neck can only hide under a turtleneck. 666. That is the magic number of calories you can eat at each meal, if you only ate 3 times a day. You can drink that in your morning coffee and creamer without even blinking.


Venom 2 released this past weekend and is currently the number 1 movie in the world. If you liked the first one, you will like the sequel. Addams Family sequel also came out and it was cute, but the plot was kind of lame. They go on a family vacation. Sorry if that ruined it for you, but you’re not a ten year old child and you probably aren’t going to take your kids. But when it comes out on video or Redbox, you should see it.

If you absolutely can’t stay away from Facebook, then start counting the sponsored ads in your newsfeed. When you see, 100 … will you consider closing it for a day? Excuse me while I disappear into the Game of Thrones.



WIIFM Syndrome

Wii FM? No, not Nintendo Wii. It actually stands for “What’s In It For Me”. That is what is going on in the economy right now. What appears to be a labor shortage is actually a WIIFM syndrome on a national level. Pretend for just a moment YOU are the unemployed person who was working that crappy minimum wage job that for whatever reason, … CLOSED and furloughed you. Sure you “could” go get another help wanted job, but it would be another sucky job with shitty customers yelling at you for whatever stupid reason they felt you were their slave. Sounds enticing doesn’t it? Oh wait, it gets better. There is an outbreak at almost every place you apply, and you know this because you asked around. It isn’t hard to find out that the staff has COVID.


The reality is there isn’t a labor shortage, what there is … is the owner of whatever company is short staffed is a greedy son of a bitch and doesn’t want to share in the profits. Wait, what? Yep, you heard me right. Think about it for just a second, the LARGEST richest companies in the world, … let’s use Amazon AND Walmart as an example, … are fucking greedy bastards. WHY should ONE man hold so much wealth? Why should ONE family control the retail market? WE, as consumers continue to support them with our voting dollars. If all the people in the world, stopped shopping at their company, they would go out of business. Look at what COVID did to thousands of businesses. No customers, no company. Cruise to Italy anyone? Walmart could afford to pay every single employee $50k a year and it wouldn’t even feel a dent in the profits. And why do they need billions and billions of dollars for ONE family? That’s right, they don’t.


You have a choice. You can go to a small business owned by a single individual and help them out. You can stop your Amazon Prime membership. But you won’t. Because the reality is those two companies provide a good and service at a cost effective, cheaper price. It has already been proven by many companies that have increased employee salaries that they have a decrease in employee turnover, and an increase in job satisfaction. Competition for good or great employees is going to be at an all time high. Employers would rather steal the competition than to hire an unemployed laid off employee.
Today is the official day that the extra unemployment bonus ends. That means there will be a lot of people forced to go back to work. I know of a ton of folks who kept saying “Why should I go work for less money when I can sit on my ass and play video games all day long?” Right, exactly. That is the mentality of the unemployed unhirable American. They don’t want to work. They want to live off the government and get free handouts. The problem with that is when you do that, then there is no incentive for our younger generation to educate themselves and get better jobs. You know, the ones that require an actual associates or bachelors degree. Considering the number of students who are not vaccinated and not wearing masks, we will see how many can actually make it four years without dropping out or dying. First year freshmen (and women) have the highest dropout rate. I can think of a dozen friends who started and then never finished. And then they wonder why they are stuck in a low paying, labor intensive job. Well, we all make choices and sometimes those choices are not the best financially.


If you ARE looking for a better tomorrow, dust of that resume, activate your LinkedIn Premium membership for a month and add something IMPRESSIVE to your current job/position. Let your network know you are looking for a new challenge, and let THEM check out their company job listings. You never know, your next opportunity could just be a phone call, text or update away.

And some updated numbers from the New York Times.

Cases 161,327 +8% 40,004,444
Tests 1,548,091 +30%
Hospitalized 102,734 +11%
Deaths 1,560 +55% 648,264

Isn’t that kind of interesting? 40 million cases. And kind of weird that it is all 4’s. Of course we all know that number is extremely under reported as we know that there are millions and millions of infected people who won’t even get tested. Have you noticed how all the testing drive up centers are closed yet the number of infections is exponentially higher than it was 2 years ago. As I told my mother, the vaccine is not a cure, it is more like a flu shot on steroids. Like the flu shot, it is preventative measures, just like a mask and a condom. Don’t like the outcome of wearing either, well, you might get pregnant, COVID and both of you might die.


And on another depressing note, did you know that over 750k abortions happen every year in the United States. That number actually is higher, as I couldn’t get recent numbers. The church of Satan calls those “human sacrifices” for their church, so they like abortions. As much as I hate to admit it, I would have to agree. As a pro LIFE advocate, I think life should be cherished, not disposed of because it is “inconvenient” for someone. I personally have interfered with 2 ladies who were faced with aborting a fetus. In BOTH cases they were so thankful I was there to convince them to do the right thing. Both of those little girls grew up to be wonderful women, … thanks to me. Hey, I’m an earth angel. That’s what I do. I save lives.


Imagine just for a moment, my biological Vietnamese mother felt having 2 more babies was too much for her. A widowed mother, alone with no income, … so she decides to just “take care of it.” Well, then I wouldn’t be here. Yeah, … I hope that has an impact on any lady out there who thinks that a baby is too much of an inconvenience. Get with the program and use some damn birth control.


It is officially Monday, Labor Day in the United States, which means new episodes of Billions, Evil, Naked & Afraid, and Naked & Afraid love series are all available for your viewing pleasure. I’m a fan of all 4 and gotta say, Evil is pretty wicked. Gossip Girl reboot was good, but it was no Serena & Blair.




Texas Taliban?

Okay so I have been seeing all kinds of reference that Texas is now a Taliban type of environment. I also have seen people referencing getting the shot to the same tune as the Jewish holocaust. I know right? WTF. NOT EVEN CLOSE. I did watch an interview with a Planned Parenthood in Texas where the doctor said he was seeing 60 women a day for abortions and now he only sees … ready? THREE. So 57 women are going to soon be mommys! Yes I know there are tears streaming down their sad faces. I told you, cry me a river because that is what is going to happen. I have also seen many references to illegal abortions, primarily a coat hanger reference, which what was done decades ago when abortions were illegal.



There are also a lot of groups that feel that men should be given involuntary vasectomies. Which if you think about it, is a good and bad idea. Sure there won’t be any unwanted pregnancies, but there will be a lot of rape that goes on. Just no proof that it actually happened. Maybe one day guys will wake up and realize they don’t need to have the ability to reproduce. After the snip things still work, they still have sex, and in fact, some of them actually end up having more sex. I know of a lot of married couples that the daddy got snipped after baby number 2. If they do it right after the baby is born it is practically free. Like I said before it really isn’t about “My body right”, it is about someone controlling your rights. Women can get the morning after pill and have for a long time. Some women have these little sticks put into their body to trick them into thinking they are pregnant so they can have all the sex they want and never get pregnant. So if you are a guy, your insurance should cover a vasectomy, which is completely reversible if you one day decide you want an 18 year financial emotional commitment. And honestly guys, have you actually thought about realistically having kids one day? Like, a boy and a girl? What are their names? What are the activities that you want to do with that little money drain? Do you like shitty diapers and having no sleep? A screaming unreasonable little loudspeaker that won’t shut up … ever? Hmmm… then maybe planting your seed isn’t for you. If you don’t want to raise it or have any part of raising it, then having kids isn’t for you. Just saying. Someone has to say it. Women talk about their one day family and all their kids secret baby names. Guys, … eh, not so much. Before you ruin someone’s life and their kid, think about it carefully. Get that vasectomy, never tell your girlfriend/wife until you both decide it time to carry on the family lineage, and just reverse it. It is an outpatient surgery and she doesn’t even have to know.  In the meantime, have all the awesome hot sex you can and never worry about a paternity test.

It is officially LABOR DAY WEEKEND!!! In Denver a Taste of Colorado is going on downtown and the annual Cherry Creek Arts Festival is taking over Cherry Creek north. Have a fun and safe holiday weekend!



Devils Advocate

I would say that Texas needs a mass exodus. People need to voluntarily leave the state, and I do not mean by means of the virus. The healthy vaccinated ones need to get the hell out of hell. I have already heard and seen reference to Texas is the new Taliban. Which I think is pretty bad considering how they treat women in the middle east. So, I think everyone has heard and seen all the reasons why banning abortions in Texas robs women of their own body rights. And as I stated yesterday, “most” women know they are pregnant long before they get the test. They have this women’s intuition that tells them secret stuff. Ask any woman and they will act like it is one of their superhero powers. Like a mom knows when her kid is in danger. Spidey sense but for moms. Now I know the media and liberal groups are saying “But what about rape and incest?” What about it? Not to be a jerk, but if you were raped, it doesn’t take SIX WEEKS to figure out you don’t want to keep that baby. Hello? Usually they know after the rape evaluation at the hospital that they don’t want it. I didn’t read into the law, but I am pretty sure that abortions are still legal for six weeks.


If you are a guy and didn’t know, there is this thing called “The Morning After” pill. You can take it immediately after sex and if there was any chance of an egg being fertilized it is magically taken care of. Super simple. So, it is not like Texas is taking THAT away is it? And honestly, that pill is way cheaper than an abortion. And if you are NEW to abortions, like you never knew anyone who had one, then you really should go watch 13 Reasons Why, on Netflix. There is an episode/issue with one of the high school girls getting pregnant. She goes to an abortion clinic and they show it. You get to experience what she goes through. As a man it is kind of disturbing to witness it. Honestly in this day and age with as much birth control that is available there is no be reason why there are accidental pregnancies. PLUS, with as many STD’s that are running wild, it is a good idea to be extra careful. A dick mask, or a condom should be used.


I think the real underlying hidden issue is that women (in general) are having a lot of unprotected sex and now they are being called out on it. I honestly had no idea there were so many babies being terminated. Why? Because she got laid, got pregnant and was irresponsible and now wants to be rid of the problem. There is an episode in Sex and the City where Miranda gets pregnant. She called it a “procedure”. Wow. In case you didn’t know, the world in general is producing less babies every year. People are waiting longer in life to start a family and focusing on their career. Instead of 2-3 kids, parents are only willing to have one. I can think of dozens of my own friends who are married or partnered and decided that having kids was not for them. Pets. Pets are a much better alternative.


Yesterday the US reported 2,932 deaths due to COVID.  645,383 total deaths. Over 39 million people testing positive. A shout out to Vermont at 68% vax’d. Mississippi has the lowest rate at 38%.