Devils Advocate

I would say that Texas needs a mass exodus. People need to voluntarily leave the state, and I do not mean by means of the virus. The healthy vaccinated ones need to get the hell out of hell. I have already heard and seen reference to Texas is the new Taliban. Which I think is pretty bad considering how they treat women in the middle east. So, I think everyone has heard and seen all the reasons why banning abortions in Texas robs women of their own body rights. And as I stated yesterday, “most” women know they are pregnant long before they get the test. They have this women’s intuition that tells them secret stuff. Ask any woman and they will act like it is one of their superhero powers. Like a mom knows when her kid is in danger. Spidey sense but for moms. Now I know the media and liberal groups are saying “But what about rape and incest?” What about it? Not to be a jerk, but if you were raped, it doesn’t take SIX WEEKS to figure out you don’t want to keep that baby. Hello? Usually they know after the rape evaluation at the hospital that they don’t want it. I didn’t read into the law, but I am pretty sure that abortions are still legal for six weeks.


If you are a guy and didn’t know, there is this thing called “The Morning After” pill. You can take it immediately after sex and if there was any chance of an egg being fertilized it is magically taken care of. Super simple. So, it is not like Texas is taking THAT away is it? And honestly, that pill is way cheaper than an abortion. And if you are NEW to abortions, like you never knew anyone who had one, then you really should go watch 13 Reasons Why, on Netflix. There is an episode/issue with one of the high school girls getting pregnant. She goes to an abortion clinic and they show it. You get to experience what she goes through. As a man it is kind of disturbing to witness it. Honestly in this day and age with as much birth control that is available there is no be reason why there are accidental pregnancies. PLUS, with as many STD’s that are running wild, it is a good idea to be extra careful. A dick mask, or a condom should be used.


I think the real underlying hidden issue is that women (in general) are having a lot of unprotected sex and now they are being called out on it. I honestly had no idea there were so many babies being terminated. Why? Because she got laid, got pregnant and was irresponsible and now wants to be rid of the problem. There is an episode in Sex and the City where Miranda gets pregnant. She called it a “procedure”. Wow. In case you didn’t know, the world in general is producing less babies every year. People are waiting longer in life to start a family and focusing on their career. Instead of 2-3 kids, parents are only willing to have one. I can think of dozens of my own friends who are married or partnered and decided that having kids was not for them. Pets. Pets are a much better alternative.


Yesterday the US reported 2,932 deaths due to COVID.  645,383 total deaths. Over 39 million people testing positive. A shout out to Vermont at 68% vax’d. Mississippi has the lowest rate at 38%.