Texas Taliban?

Okay so I have been seeing all kinds of reference that Texas is now a Taliban type of environment. I also have seen people referencing getting the shot to the same tune as the Jewish holocaust. I know right? WTF. NOT EVEN CLOSE. I did watch an interview with a Planned Parenthood in Texas where the doctor said he was seeing 60 women a day for abortions and now he only sees … ready? THREE. So 57 women are going to soon be mommys! Yes I know there are tears streaming down their sad faces. I told you, cry me a river because that is what is going to happen. I have also seen many references to illegal abortions, primarily a coat hanger reference, which what was done decades ago when abortions were illegal.



There are also a lot of groups that feel that men should be given involuntary vasectomies. Which if you think about it, is a good and bad idea. Sure there won’t be any unwanted pregnancies, but there will be a lot of rape that goes on. Just no proof that it actually happened. Maybe one day guys will wake up and realize they don’t need to have the ability to reproduce. After the snip things still work, they still have sex, and in fact, some of them actually end up having more sex. I know of a lot of married couples that the daddy got snipped after baby number 2. If they do it right after the baby is born it is practically free. Like I said before it really isn’t about “My body right”, it is about someone controlling your rights. Women can get the morning after pill and have for a long time. Some women have these little sticks put into their body to trick them into thinking they are pregnant so they can have all the sex they want and never get pregnant. So if you are a guy, your insurance should cover a vasectomy, which is completely reversible if you one day decide you want an 18 year financial emotional commitment. And honestly guys, have you actually thought about realistically having kids one day? Like, a boy and a girl? What are their names? What are the activities that you want to do with that little money drain? Do you like shitty diapers and having no sleep? A screaming unreasonable little loudspeaker that won’t shut up … ever? Hmmm… then maybe planting your seed isn’t for you. If you don’t want to raise it or have any part of raising it, then having kids isn’t for you. Just saying. Someone has to say it. Women talk about their one day family and all their kids secret baby names. Guys, … eh, not so much. Before you ruin someone’s life and their kid, think about it carefully. Get that vasectomy, never tell your girlfriend/wife until you both decide it time to carry on the family lineage, and just reverse it. It is an outpatient surgery and she doesn’t even have to know.  In the meantime, have all the awesome hot sex you can and never worry about a paternity test.

It is officially LABOR DAY WEEKEND!!! In Denver a Taste of Colorado is going on downtown and the annual Cherry Creek Arts Festival is taking over Cherry Creek north. Have a fun and safe holiday weekend!