Disney+ Day!

ICYMI, yesterday was Disney+ Day. WTF is that? Right? Yeah I had to look it up since I didn’t know. It is their anniversary day that they launched the channel/app, and to celebrate they released the magic bracelet Asian movie. Sorry bad with names … 10 ring something.  You know what I am talking about.
So the cool thing is they released a different version … this is the IMAX version and it has more screen real estate than the prior version. So you get to see it as it was intended by the director. So like I told y’all before, wait til it comes to Disney+ and by all means, invest a couple of hours in this fun cinematic adventure. They also released a bunch of their blockbuster hits in this new IMAX format. You can check out the article here. I didn’t see any of them in IMAX  so I think this will be a really cool add on that makes Disney+ worth that 8 bucks every month. Awkwafina is absolutely the best. She has some of the best lines. I can’t help but see her Dragon character when I hear her voice.  If you don’t have Disney+ they are doing a special for only $2 the first month, so you can totally watch a boatload of movies in a month for 2 bucks. They also released Enchanted to Disney+. Fun little cartoon movie turned to real life fairy tale. Amy Adams stars in it. Yes, she also plays Lois Lane in Man of Steel.


And if you deleted your FAKE FB account, … pat yourself on the back. You are one step from slowly weaning yourself off Facebook-crack. I know the world “thinks” that Facebook is going to be around forever, but I have some angelic insight that tells me that is not going to be the case. I used to check my MySpace daily just like I did my email. RETRAIN your mindset to think outside the FB box. Ask yourself … which relationship did you find or rekindle due to Facebook that made life SO much better? Now, which person you thought was once your friend is not even your friend on Facebook? I bet you have a lot of those.

Surround yourself with individuals who will support your endeavors. Remember, … you are FLAWESOME. Or Flawsome — however you want to spell it. But it’s not a real word so it doesn’t matter how you spell it.