If you remove the “C” from Facebook and put something else, … what do you have? I like the “K” as Fakebook certainly sound about right. But what about … say, FaVebook? Fatebook. Farebook. Famebook. If you didn’t know, Facebook is not just a friends update website/company. They steal your data, your personal messages, your likes, your dislikes, your groups, your interests and they sell it. To whom? IDK, maybe China? Maybe Russia. General Mills? Monsanto/Bayer?
Money talks and bullshit walks. You know what also talks? People who delete their fake Facebook accounts. You aren’t supposed to have 2 accounts anyway, so send a message to Facebook. If Facebook lost millions of users for no apparent reason, it would cause a ruckus. Facebook has a lot of power as it can easily influence your decision making abilities. You see a meme or a video that has been altered and all of the sudden you are motivated … maybe in a bad way. Facebook has influenced wars in other countries, aided in underground drugs and sex trafficking. I know that years ago there was a secret Facebook group where you could easily buy/sell drugs. True story.


Do it. Delete that fake account and tell all your friends to do the same. Delete it from your smartphone and tablet and only access it from a computer for a specific amount of time with a specific reason for being on Fakebook. You aren’t bored. You are brainwashed. Pick up an actual book and read it. Turn those pages. Create a fun reading sanctuary that is your new zen reading spot. Unplug and meditate.

I watched a YouTube documentary on Princess Diana, which I thought was going to be more what Spencer was about. Diana didn’t whisper, she talked softly. You can watch it here. Or copy and paste https://youtu.be/Ym–qzQBGug