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Have you heard any of these responses from the general public? Or are YOU one of these people who are telling other people some of these answers? Well shame on you. YOU are not smarter than a PhD. Most of my readers don’t even have a college degree, and some might have a community college degree in nothing related to science. Yet THEY are the experts. Wrong. For the record, I saw this comic from Occupy Democrats and since not everyone is a democrat, I really felt everyone should take note of it. Does it hit home yet? Have you lost someone yet? I think I might have. I have a friend who refuses to get the shot. He claims he got COVID the first time around (although he can’t prove it) and if it comes around again “God will protect him”. Really? How about the 637,066 Americans that thought God would protect them? God doesn’t play judge and jury when it comes to people dying from a disease. God is the creator, not the destroyer. Lest we not forget that there is evil in this world. Some say that someone very evil created this virus in a lab. Well that is also very possible. Anything is possible right?


And here are some stories from those who refused the vaccine. Courtesy of Occupy Democrats.


“Andre Jacque is a Wisconsin Republican lawmaker who is a vehement anti-masker and anti-vaxxer. On Wednesday August 18 he attended a hearing, unvaccinated and maskless.
On Wednesday August 25 he was fitted for a mask while lying in a critical care bed with a breathing apparatus rammed down his throat.
He’s not dead — yet.
Andre is 40. He has a wife and six children.
John Pierce is a lawyer who represents 18 of the January 6 Anti-American Insurrectionists. He represents more insurrectionists than any other single lawyer, specifically cultivating the cases out of a cultish devotion to Trump and a harbored false belief that Trump “won.”
He also has represented Rudy Giuliani in Rudy’s flagrant Ukraine lobbying scandal; Tulsi Gabbard in her meritless suit against Hillary for “defamation;” and he briefly represented Kyle Rittenhouse.
On August 17, Lawyer Pierce tweeted: “The entire 82nd Airborne couldn’t make me get an experimental government vaccine stuck in my arm.”
A week later on August 25 he was scheduled to be in court for a hearing on one of his insurrectionist clients.
But Lawyer Pierce was not in court.
His partner informed the court:
“Your Honor, Mr. Pierce is in the hospital, we believe with Covid-19, on a ventilator, unresponsive.”
John Mark Pierce is 49.
Missouri Republican state representative Sara Walsh said she and her husband Steve did not get vaccinated because the vaccine only had provisional FDA approval and she and her husband had been “healthy throughout the pandemic.”
This morning, Sara, a candidate for Missouri’s 4th congressional district, posted:
“Steve’s visitation and service is tomorrow and today’s tribute to my beloved Steve Walsh is a recollection of memories of Broadway shows, songs, and faith. Steve loved the Beatles and Motown. Steve was and always will be my Prince Charming.”
It was a lengthy post, ending in a plea for people to accept Jesus as their Savior, even though Jesus refused to save Steve from Covid.
She did not beg people to get vaccinated, even though vaccinations do keep people from dying with Covid.
Steve Walsh was 63. He died of Covid on August 19 leaving behind his 42-year-old wife.
Lisa Steadman and her husband Ron were diagnosed with Covid in early August. Lisa finally had to go to the hospital but the big man of the house stayed home to brave and battle Covid alone.
Lisa called Ron every day. On Sunday August 8 he told her his phone was not holding a charge. On Monday August 9 she couldn’t get him on the phone and finally sent the police to their home for a wellness check.
The police called back and told her they had found him out walking the dogs and “he only has a cold.”
The unvaccinated couple did not talk on the phone on Monday after the police wellness check or on Tuesday or on Wednesday morning August 11 before Lisa was released from the Winter Haven Florida hospital after an eight-day stay.
At home, Lisa opened the door.
RON? Where are you Ron?
She heard the dogs barking, all in the bedroom.
Slowly she opened the bedroom door.
And there was Ron.
Lisa says they “had agreed they would wait longer to get the vaccines because I rarely get sick and Ron always wore his mask and stayed away from large crowds and both of us thought the vaccine came out so fast. How could they have done so much testing on it? I was just cautious about it.”
Ron Steadman was 55. He leaves behind his 58-year-old wife and three dogs.
Following a week-long church camp, Lydia Rodriguez and her unvaccinated husband Lawrence and several other family members tested positive for Covid.
Lydia felt she could fight it off because she was strong and healthy and “didn’t believe in vaccines.”
Lawrence died first.
Suddenly Lydia thought the vaccine might be a good idea.
But vaccines will do no good in the ICU.
Her only choice was to be intubated.
She never woke up.
She died August 16.
She was 42; he was 49. Their collective foolishness orphaned four children.
Phil Valentine was a conservative radio talk-show host on WWTN in Nashville Tennessee.
He was an ardent anti-vaxxer.
Until he got Covid.
Between his diagnosis and hospitalization, he changed his tune and encouraged listeners to get vaccinated.
But it was too late for Phil.
In his ICU bed he told his brother his biggest regret was not being a vocal vaccine advocate.
Phil Valentine was 61 years old. He died of Covid a week ago on August 21.
Dick Farrell was a conservative radio talk-show host on WPTV in West Palm Beach Florida.
He was an ardent anti-vaxxer.
Until he got Covid.
From his hospital bed he texted about the vaccine to a friend of 20 years:
“Get it! This is no joke. I wish I had gotten it!”
But it was too late for Dick.
Dick Farrell was 65 years old. He died on August 4 of “severe damage” caused by Covid.
637,066. That is the number of COVID19 deaths as of today, according to the Times. That number will just increase as fans fill stadiums, event halls and banquet receptions. If you have the shot please be dedicated in washing your hands, stop touching your face and just chill out at home for a little bit longer. Yes, I know you are bored. Yes I know you want to see your friends. We all do. But we also want to live. What point is it to see/do that “thing” that exposed you to the virus? Exactly. Nothing is worth dying for right now.  And in case you haven’t turned on any media, we pray for all the souls that will be affected by hurricane Ida. They say it will be the worst since the 1800’s. Category 4. I predict it will make Katrina look like his little sis. First the south is devastated by the virus, and now another natural disaster is going to wreck havoc on their lives, … again.

I was reminded by one of my guides that time works differently for those who have passed on. So those baby souls are perfectly content at where they are until it is time for the next transition. So in other words, they can just sit there until the world is ready for them.


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