The New York Times

American Express platinum members can take advantage of a new perk, a digital subscription to THE New York Times newspaper. Yay! Actually I am really excited about this as they are always posting clickbait articles to get you to subscribe. You are probably like me and think “Oh jeez, just what I need, ANOTHER monthly subscription.” Right? Well, it is only $4. So it’s not like American Express is throwing champagne bottles and expensive cheeses at you. They took away roadside assistance and gave you a bunch of worthless perks, which in reality are just a coupon. Neat. Membership perks at a health fitness club that isn’t in my city, and if it was, would be way too expensive for me.


So back to the Times. It does have some interesting perspectives and facts. I like facts. So I’ll share some with you. 38,552,183. That’s the number of COVID cases in the United States. 634,734. That’s the number of cumulative reported deaths. Keep in mind there are probably thousands upon thousands who have died alone and no one knows it. Homeless people for starters. Runaways. 1,233. That is the number that died YESTERDAY. Oh yes, and let us not forget the 13 soldiers who died in Afghanistan in the suicide bombing. Sad, yes very sad. But let us not forget that those uniformed service warriors took an oath and knew there were risks going to war. They all knew they might die. Now the COVID victims who are hospitalized — that is on them.


Everyone is at war with the virus, yet stores are fully stocked with Clorox and Lysol cleaning wipes. Hand sanitizer is on clearance and no one is buying it. And there are 75+ million who don’t want to wear a mask, wash their hands and keep calling the virus a hoax. Something the government and media created to control you. Yes, that is it exactly. Every single fucking country in the nation agreed to let their people die and unanimously voted on it in secret. Wrong. What we really should call it is the fucking idiot virus. Because those who think they are invincible are fucking idiots. Well Darwin said it best. Survival of the fittest. COVID makes sure those idiots are not fit. Walking, breathing, existing will all be challenges for them. What can you say? They were all warned. This isn’t a sudden surprise killer. Go watch Carriers or Contagion … again, to refresh your memory at how you should be acting and behaving in public.


Florida lost another 242 residents yesterday making a total of 43,632 total deaths. Those numbers are of course from the NY Times. University of Florida has 9914 cases, the highest number concentration of all the different places, such as nursing homes, prisons, food processing plants. 3,151,909 total cases for Florida, and things are not looking good. In the blink of an eye, their healthcare system will collapse and fall. I’ll keep my readers posted since I now have the digital subscription. Knowledge is power.

AND Ryan Reynolds kills it again on the big screen in his box office hit, Free Guy. I’ll admit, it was very entertaining. And yes, he is paired up with “Cool Girl” which we all know doesn’t exist, except in Hollywood and in the digital virtual world.