Tax The Super Rich

The United States of America COULD be the best country in the world. We have the resources, the money, and the land to build a tiny house for every single legal citizen and every undocumented person who wants to live here. Millions of empty land all over this country and trillions of dollars in the government. Seriously, if the government really wanted to do it, they could very easily buy up land, and build massive communities of tiny homes. They could even do a universal basic income for everyone, and not even feel it. Other counties do it. A place to get mail, sleep safe and sound. A place to call home. It would also clean up so many dirty, nasty “tent” cities. If I was Jeff Bezo I could snap my fingers and make it happen. But I’m not, so I can just write about how great life could be, … if I was Jeff.


Everyone wants free money. Almost everyone wants to win the lottery. Who wouldn’t want free money if the government gave it. Well there are certainly going to be some people that will finally benefit from the Biden Stimulus package. But lets be real. $1400 is not a lot of money. Oh sure to some people it means being able to eat 3 times a day instead of 2. For families that don’t get food stamps, that extra financial support for those kids is going to be a real big deal. I think we all know there are over 75 million republicans. It’s not just democrats that are needing money. The reality is that our economy can’t survive with just rich people. It can’t survive with just poor people There is a happy balance somewhere where we all can work and live together harmoniously.




I think that when your company becomes SO super rich, that it needs to give huge wins back in forms of scholarships, grants, programs, or they get taxed at the higher rate. Come on, it is SO not fair that Amazon pays no federal income tax. They make billions and I pay more tax than they do. What. The. F.  When rich people get their stimulus money they just deposit in their money market account, which does nothing for the economy. In Colorado, millions will be cashing that bad boy and using it in the closest dispensary and heading to the liquor store. Fact. Dispensaries saw a HUGE influx in cash/customers with the last 2 stimulus checks. Hey if they are locked up at home, at least they are happy, relaxed and enjoying their Disney+.


WandaVision … what can I say? I liked it. I loved it. I can’t wait for season 2. And if you weren’t aware, there are TWO secret scenes after the credits. Seriously. Those sneaky bastards. Naked & Afraid new season starts Sunday, with a marathon on the Discovery channel all day.