Vegas Countdown!

June 25th I will be chilling in Vegas! I will be sure to write up a review and post a lot of fun pictures.


The Million Roses

Have you heard about The Million Roses company? I recently saw one of their products watching “Selling Sunset” on Netflix and I was intrigued. I looked them up online and found that they cultivate and grow these beautiful roses and preserve them for up to 3 years. So wow. Now they are a little pricey, but considering their shelf life compared to fresh cut roses, it isn’t that bad. It just so happened to be my mother’s birthday so I decided a box of roses would brighten anyone’s day. If you are looking for an awesome gift, then I highly recommend you give some of these to a lucky someone.

I was not paid for an endorsement. If you sign up for their text messages you will get a 15% off (one time use) coupon/discount. Do that before you buy.



Another Gun Shooting

So the other day on Facebook I posted about gun shootings … and how every single shooter technically is a hot tempered, hurt, rejected, suicidal individual. No shooter ever thinks they are going to get away with it free and clear. Well, not school shooters anyway. So just in case you forgot, there was a black shooting in a grocery store in New York, a school shooting at an elementary school in Texas, and now another shooting at a hospital in Oklahoma. President Biden is proposing banning assault weapons, like Canada. AND raising the gun age to 21!


While many people feel that illegal immigrants shouldn’t be here, the reality is our economy needs them. Think of the millions of workers that legally paid into a social security fund they will never legally be entitled. So you are wondering how is it that they can get jobs? Well, that is up to the employer to “verify” their documents that they are legal. They never go anywhere, and there is no administration or department that keeps a copy of those when you get a job. Weird right? It is all up the the HR person to say, “Yep, you look good.” and then they sign their name on a piece of paper no one ever looks at again. So maybe the HR person signs it anyway or doesn’t file it all together. When times are tough and you have ZERO applicants for your business, 10 illegal workers who want to clean, cook and serve doesn’t sound so bad. Just saying, … it happens.


Biden also wants expanded background checks. I think that is a great idea. Can they also tap into every pharmacy database to search for particular mental instability drugs that could cause a patient to snap? Hmm, now there is an idea. They are also proposing a “Red Flag” law that would help prevent future crimes. I am hypothesizing that it would entail “friends” reporting anyone they think might be a risk, such as that cray guy on Facebook who isn’t a friend but you … somehow? Would social media cooperate and provide user data?


If you are an Amazon Prime customer, “The Boys” season 3 is coming out like, any day, so now is a good time to binge watch 1 & 2. The Kardashians is the same show, different day. But man oh man do I love Kris Jenner’s new home and I am in love with Khloe’s new home, which is right next door to her mom. Selling Sunset is my new favorite show. It has supermodel real estate agents selling million dollar mansions in West Hollywood. It actually is more like “Pretty Little Liars” after they get real jobs and get super rich. No one dies, because they are real life people, not characters. And talk about some bitchy characters. Check it out. I love it. You might like it too. Justin Hartley’s wife is in it, and also Tarek from Flip or Flop, his girlfriend is in it too, Heather Young. AND if you have Disney+ a new series Obi Wan Kenobi was just released. Looks good, can’t wait to see it. The first episode is 3 parts.



Tesla Tiny Town

Inside Elon Musk's modest $50k tiny house | loveproperty.comIntroducing Tesla’s Tiny foldable house that is a mere 20 x 20, or 200 square feet. So, if you didn’t know, Tesla genius Elon Musk is going to take over the affordable housing market, via this little creation that goes for just $50,000 USD. While some people may think of getting one as their primary residence, there are others who would gladly buy one as a vacation home. Find a cheap piece of property in the middle of somewhere gorgeous and plant one or two down and call it paradise. Add a Trex deck, firepit and hot tub and some old fashion electric hanging lights and you have yourself an amazing retreat.

Elon Musk Lives in $50,000 Boxabl Tiny Home With 47,000-Person Wait List: Report

At $100k for a double stacker or side by side, you and your friends can be family. As you know I have talked about real estate and how it benefits your portfolio and your bank account. There are 100k people on the waiting list to get one of these, but give it time, and when the pandemic is really finally over, we will start to see a shift in the housing market. Remember there literally are millions of people who are overpaying for their monthly rent, and one of these is basically a car payment. A Telsa car costs more than one of these, and a Tesla car can actually pull one. CRAY! Elon Musk is a genius and I truly believe he will help change the world for a better place. I personally love his ideas and since I am now a Tesla shareholder, I hope they do great things. I only have 1 share of stock and it isn’t doing so great right now. If it goes below $500 a share I am going to buy a whole bunch more. It is currently $659.43 for one share. A couple of weeks ago it was almost a grand for one share. If you are like me, then you probably aren’t selling your stock as you plan on cashing in one day, some day, but not today.


And it is officially Thursday which means the new episode of Startrek is on Paramount+! Yes I watched it and of course I loved it. I’ll watch it again later it was so good. Sonic Hedgehog 2 is also officially released on the app. I wanted to see it in the theater, but so glad I just waited. And if you didn’t see “The Batman” either in theater or HBOMax, you can pick it up at the Redbox like I did.

So sad yesterday with the school shooting. Children should never die or fear going to school due to bullets. Will the government ever do anything to protect schools? No. Why? Because Congress and Senate are mostly full of grandparents. When nursing homes and country clubs get shot up then maybe something “might” happen but I doubt it. So I guess let’s hear it for home-school remote learning where there are no unauthorized guns.

Russia loses again as Starbucks joins McDonalds and ends all relationships in the power hungry country. Two of the biggest players in Russia make their exit, now we just need Coke and Pepsi to do the same.

The latest death report from the New York Times:

Cases 110,614 +31% 83,644,909
Tests 984,857 +39%
Hospitalized 25,429 +28%
In I.C.U.s 2,713 +24%
Deaths 371 +13% 1,002,179



One Million

1 million dead in the United States due to COVID

Cases 107,952 +53% 83,130,959
Tests 915,546 +31%
Hospitalized 24,077 +30%
In I.C.U.s 2,567 +24%
Deaths 301 –19% 1,000,410

So if you are wondering why so many people are still getting infected, sick and dying? Well truth be told, there are still millions of people who didn’t get the shot.


All ages
5 and up
65 and up


So, 9% of all seniors are still at risk and 34% or 1 in 3 of all people are refusing the shot. Well I guess live your life at your own risk. It is already short, and apparently getting shorter every day for others. May the odds be ever in your favor.

* Numbers as reported by the New York Times.




Staffing Solutions

Everyone is having staffing issues. Lack of staff, no one applying for open positions, and the COVID workers refusing to go back to the office, opting for new lifestyles that allow them to work from home or remotely. One semi-positive note is that there are literally thousands of graduates that are entering the job market as high schools and colleges award those valuable degrees. Some will join the military, some will go to trade schools. Others will get married and start making babies, … hopefully. Although that does not solve the issue of entry-level, low-end jobs that don’t pay a lot of money. Frankly, who wants a low paying job? No one. Except maybe someone who would LOVE to have a job, any job … in America. There are still thousands if not millions of immigrants who want to come to the great USA.


So, Biden, Congress, if you’re listening, you need to open the borders, lessen the reigns on the number allowed into the United States, and help solve many of these staffing shortages/issues. The bigger issue that is dominant everywhere, in every country is affordable housing. You can’t just let a few million people move  here when they will have nowhere to live. As is stands now, there is a shortage of housing and people can’t afford their rent as it is. So what do most people do? They have roommates, they live with their parents … in their basement forever.


And here are the latest COVID number from the NT Times:
Cases 103,231 +57% 82,874,061
Tests 801,177 +31%
Hospitalized 23,223 +29%
In I.C.U.s 2,497 +23%
Deaths 304 –17% 999,607

So I guess in the next day or week, the United States will hit a million deaths. Thankfully everyone has their shots and boosters, … right?



Who’s Your Daddy?

Imagine for a moment that “mom” can’t get pregnant. So she goes to a fertility doctor and gets a sperm donor (a medical student) and has a baby. Yay! This is a true story. You decide at some point in life to take a DNA test and accidentally find out you have a whole lot of siblings. Same dad, different mom. Oops.


I did one already with CRI but this one is with 23 and me. There is a new Netflix show called “Our Father” and it is pretty wild. I just ordered the one through 23 and me in case I accidentally have any siblings I don’t know about. It will be interesting to compare the results and see if there are any discrepancies. It will take awhile before I have any results, but I will be sure to post them once I have them. CRI didn’t have that option as they keep their results private.



What If?

If abortions become illegal, under any circumstance, … then in 18ish years we can expect that the low-end hourly workers will return. Right? Because in theory, the last 20+ years or so, women have been aborting those babies, who never make it to the adoption or foster care system. Science and technology made it possible to women no longer have to breastfeed, so they use formula. Well now that there is shortage, the babies that did make it, won’t because they will die of malnutrition. Sorry ladies – that you didn’t want your nipples sore, so you took a pill to dry up your milk. It really makes me wonder if those women who decided to abort their mistake … if they will have consequences in the after life? Personally I think if you don’t want to have a baby, don’t put a penis in your vagina. I also know that if a woman is raped, that she can immediately have any traces removed within the rape inspection done with the nurse. Texas made it quite clear that there was a lot of unprotected sex going on that women all of the sudden had to admit.


The world is producing less babies. There are more people who are living longer that they are supposed to due to science, technology and medicine. Think about the millions of people who are alive because of a pacemaker. Exactly, and they are just a fraction of the people who faced death and survived.


And did you see Dr. Strange 2? Wow, that should really be WandaVision 2.0 on steroids. No question now who is the strongest Avenger! I really liked that they introduced some new/old characters as cameos into the MCU. Isn’t it weird how you can buy crypto and not have to buy a whole coin/share? Like you can own .0000215 of one bitcoin. Bad week for Bitcoin as it dropped millions of portfolios. I think it was down to like, $28k, and it WAS trading at $48k the week before. Wow. No I didn’t buy any shares, I don’t have an extra $28k to buy an invisible magic money coin. But there are thousands that are selling their partial coin ownership.




Frontier Airlines NOT Aaron Approved

Frontier Airlines cancelled my Vegas flights and put me on the red eye with wrong dates. WTF? No explanation or even an apology.


I cancelled and booked Delta — first class, for free. How did I book it free? Miles baby. I have over 100 thousand use, via the American Express Delta Reserve card.


Frontier doesn’t have airport lounges, free baggage, or even first class. Now they longer have my business or endorsement.


Look 10+ Years Younger

Hey guys – welcome back to my site/page! So you are probably wondering what I did to look so much younger. A really simple thing that guys (and girls) can do to look younger is to have your eyebrows professionally done. I’ll admit that I had/have an eyebrow “thing”. Meaning I am sort of a snot when it comes to judging people’s brows.  And if I have ever mentioned your brows to you … well you probably deserved it. And hopefully with a little gentle guidance you went and did something about it. Plucked, tweezed, went to a salon.  Some people are just genetically lucky when it comes to eyebrows and brow ridge. Others have to put a little work and effort into it. When I was young and in my 20’s this is what my eyebrows looked like. Over time, mens’ eyebrows do one of two things … grow crazy wild, or lose them all together. And sadly, some guys eyebrows turn white, which really makes them look older. So a very simple, and semi pain-free experience is to have your eyebrows microbladed. Individual hair lines are “tattooed” on your brows. Does it hurt? How does getting your teeth scraped at the dentist sound? Well that’s how is sounds, but it doesn’t feel like it. If it starts to hurt just say “Ow.” and she will put more numbing medicine on you. But literally it is just a few minutes of pain. My tattoo hurt more. Braces hurt more. So if you are in Colorado and you want to look younger and improve your looks you can call Maria at 720-779-4270 Palace of Aesthetics in Arvada. She said anyone I referred could have the same Groupon price of $160. Just mention my name and you are gold. I gave her nice tip since the normal price is $500. I know right? But now I can wash my face and go swimming without worrying about my eyebrows washing off. Ladies know what I am talking about. Plus, fuller thick eyebrows makes you look younger.
So do you want to hear my eyebrow story? I guess now that I have semi-permanent eyebrows I can share my story. Back in junior high school I was sitting in math class and I overheard one of my friends making fun of this girl who had horrendous eyebrows. It was like the first thing you noticed about her and immediately all you could think of. They laughed and laughed and it stuck with me. At the time, I also had unkept natural eyebrows. But they were bad, and needed attention. I didn’t know what I was doing but I studied dozens of male models eyebrows and then I tweezed like cray. Man that hurt. It was awful. And because I didn’t know better, I used Sea Breeze on them afterward, and OMG that was the dumbest fucking idea ever. But I never had to worry about anyone making fun of my eyebrows. It wasn’t until I worked at the jewelry store that one of my friends asked if I ever thought about making my brows darker, instead of … overplucked. Well, COVID happened and I wasn’t going anywhere and so I just got lazy and let them grow back to what they were intended to be. And then I started investigating eyebrow makeup products, watched YouTubers videos/reviews and finally came to my own version of doing my brows. The EASIEST, fastest way to do them … for me, is using a semi-permanent tattoo marker, made by Bic, yes you heard me right. I just fill them in and it stays for a day. It was made for skin and it doesn’t rub off. Tah duh! Now this only really works for dark haired guys. While this is really pretty simple, it still takes a few minutes every day to do this. So that is why I opted for microblading. Guys can seriously improve their attractiveness/looks variable by doing this one simple beauty procedure.


So many of you are wondering what I thought of “Morbius”. Are you into vampire movies? If you are, then you will like this one. Do you like Jared Leto? Then you will like it. If you answered no, then don’t watch it. Wait until it hits HBOMax. If DC were to reinvent the “Batman” and not the original, they would turn a man into a “bat” by being bit by one right? Spiderman power syndrome. A guy who can control bats and drinks blood. Well, here he is, but his is called Morbius, not Batman. AND he is a bad guy. Personally I am WAY more into MoonKnight on Disney+. The whole Egyptian god thing is fascinating. And in case you forgot, taxes are due on Monday in the United States.

I bought a thousand dollars of airbnb, the other day and it already has gone up $16 in a few days. Who knows what it will be worth in 20-30 years? I used Robinhood if you need a recommendation. There were no fees when I purchased the stock. Super easy, super simple.